Communication & Debating

Public speaking
Influence with respect

Practicing your debating-skills provides a useful tool to sharpen your thinking and learn to deal with discussion techniques and fallacies. You will learn to argue sharper and ask the right questions: What is true? What is important? What is relevant? With this training you will get to the root of any issue.

How do you speak such that people want to listen to you? From what values do you speak? What examples do you use? What is important to your audience? Body language and vocalizations are the basics but for the advanced student: there are rhetorical techniques that will make your message even more powerful.

Gaining influence while being respectful means you will need to focus on good arguments as well on good relationships with others. During this course you will learn how to negotiate and we will discuss the psychological principles of influence. You will learn how to change a positional negotiation in a principled negotiation where win-win is the goal.


Tools for teams

A vision and team building session helps a team to ask important questions: What do we actually do? Why do we do it? What is our story? Through active workshops and brainstorming sessions you get closer to your mission and each other. We will not avoid possible conflict, but use it as an opportunity for growth instead.

Effective teamwork is the ‘holy grail’ for organizations. Teams that collaborate effectively create more results and less frustration and conflict. You will learn how to use different personalities in your team as a source for growth growth, rather than as a source for conflict. You learn about group dynamics and understand your your own role.

Collaboration is not easy at all. Everyone has different views and preferences. Underneath the surface of the water, complicated emotions like frustration, shame, jealousy or sadness. This can lead to conflict. Being able to handle this is essential for successful teams. The training conflict management is personal and confrontational.

Personal growth

Living with purpose
Practical wisdom

Who are you? What gives your life meaning? Are you honest to yourself? Honest living is about who you want to be in life. What you want to do and how it relates to others. What are your secret dreams? What are your frustrations? This training helps you to be more honest in life and do what makes your blood flow faster.

Being wise in theory is easy; but in everyday life it is sometimes difficult to be “wise”. When should you push through? When should you be mild? This course will help you get closer to yourself and your personal values. You will develop a personal compass that helps you to live a fruitful life.

Willpower is a determining factor for success in the future. The good news: you can learn willpower! This course helps you to make insights from psychology on willpower practical. You will learn how you can grow your personal willpower, how to prevent it will ‘leak’ and strategies to be more effective in achieving your goals.