The questioners

“Doubt is the origin of wisdom” – Descartes

Do you have a nice idea or a nice plan? And do you want to know if it’s actually a good idea in truth? Then The Questioners offer you some critical feedback. We like to ask: “Are you sure?” 😉

The Questioners only ask questions; the burden of proof rests on your shoulders. You will have to endure a solid cross-examination, which does not shy away from radically honest feedback. The Questioners will only stop when all holes in your idea are uncovered, when all B.S., false hopes, biases and prejudiced perspectives are painfully clear.

Through The Questioners you will come to understand where your ideas still need further crafting. We are looking for the dissonants in your ideas and expand on them. See a session with The Questioners as a test for your ideas; an exam for your plans; creative destruction for your brainstorms.

But, there is hope…

Really good plans do not require B.S. With what remains of the thesis (you) and the antithesis (us) we eventually make the synthesis (we) together. Do you dare to hire The Questioners?